"Meg’s approach offers concrete steps to positive change in ways that are organic and make sense."

“Meg gives advice that is breathtaking in its clarity and usefulness.”

“Her counseling is down to earth because she's walked the walk.”

"Meg's strategies are simple, straightforward and carefully conceived."

"I feel I can trust Meg's advice because she draws on personal experience."

"Meg is the greatest; I wish I had her in my life when my kids were babies."



Meg is creating a network of resources in the field of parenting, child development, and childcare.

If you think your business or organization would be appropriate for a mutual link with this site, please contact Meg.

  • The Camp Experts & Teen Summers is a free advisory service specializing in finding the best fit between Camp or Teen program and your child. www.campexperts.com
    Camp Experts
  • Best for Babes For everything you need to know about breastfeeding your baby, check out www.bestforbabes.com
  • Find tips and tools for successfully parenting your teen at www.PleaseStoptheRollercoaster.com.
  • New York State Family ResourcesThe New York State Family Resources website is an excellent source for listings of books (for both parents and children), websites and magazines on topics such as Child Safety and Health, Children with Special Needs, Going to School, and Life Transitions.