"Meg’s approach offers concrete steps to positive change in ways that are organic and make sense."

“Meg gives advice that is breathtaking in its clarity and usefulness.”

“Her counseling is down to earth because she's walked the walk.”

"Meg's strategies are simple, straightforward and carefully conceived."

"I feel I can trust Meg's advice because she draws on personal experience."

"Meg is the greatest; I wish I had her in my life when my kids were babies."


Consulting Services

Meg offers one-to-one consultations in person, by e-mail, and by phone. Home visits are arranged when appropriate. Single session consultations, as well as multiple session packages, are available. Meg also offers “speed session” packages for parents who want quick answers to pressing questions by phone whenever they need it. Rates vary depending on the frequency and the duration of a consulting engagement.

A consulting session with Meg makes a great gift for new parents! Ask about Parenting SolutionsTM gift certificates.

Contact Meg for rates and to discuss what type of service best fits your situation and goals.